What is a bareboat charter?

A bareboat yacht charter occurs when a group of sailors rent a boat without the help of a skipper. This means that at least one person from the group has valid sailing certification and he is responsible to take over the helm of the boat. The valid certificate must be given to the port authorities before the departure of the boat from its base.

In case you decide to proceed with a bareboat charter, you will be obliged to pay a security deposit at the time of your check-in. There are two ways of paying a security deposit: a refundable amount which can go up to 3500-4000€ or a non refundable smaller amount (approx. 400€) along with a refundable amount at about 800€.

If you have the sailing credentials, do not hesitate to go ahead with a bareboat charter and experience the ultimate freedom of navigating your own private boat into the sailing holiday of a lifetime.

What is a skippered charter?

Skippered yacht charters are the alternative solution for those who wish to experience a super holiday onboard their private boat but do not have the sailing certification. Here we offer the service of a professional skipper, who will take over the navigation of the boat and leave the relaxing and fun part to the rest of the crew.

The captain is usually a local so he is there not only to navigate the boat but also to show you around the islands, the local life and small secrets of the area. He will pick the best swimming spots, fish for you and make sure that you explore the beauties of the sea to the fullest.

Also, there is an element of freedom here as well, since you are free to enjoy your vacation without having to worry about things like refueling, water, marina space etc. Your skipper will take care of everything for you so all you can just lay back and enjoy your vacation

What costs should I keep in mind if I wish to charter a sailboat?

It is important to know the exact costs that a sailing holiday entails, because it’s really easy to exceed your budget if you are not well prepared. So let’s see:

  • Cost of renting the boat: this is the cost of the boat which includes VAT. 50% of the amount is payable upon booking confirmation and the remaining 50% 4-6 weeks prior to your embarkation. If you are looking to charter a boat at the last minute sailor then the whole of the amount will have to be paid upon booking confirmation.
  • Skipper’s fee: this is an additional fee paid at the base during your embarkation, unless you charter a crewed yacht and in this case the crew fees are included in the boat charter cost. Keep in mind that skippers have to have their own cabin and you have also to provide them with their food during the trip.
  • Obligatory extras: both paid at the base during your check-in
  • Starter’s pack: this is a cost that covers all the things you need to start your trip such as bed linen, towels, cleaning, gas bottles. Depending on the charter company and the size of the boat this mix of services will vary along with the price, but a safe estimation would be between 200-350€.
  • Security deposit.
  • Fuel cost: the boat is delivered to the charterers with full fuel tanks and the charterers are obliged to return it as delivered. This means that before you return to the marina on your last day, you will need to refuel the boat at the local fueling station.
  • Marina fees: these fees are also not included in any prepaid costs since they differ from island to island and they are payable at the respective port authorities. The total cost for this will depend on the route that you decide to follow during your trip.
  • Provisions: another cost that is not included in any of the aforementioned costs. Before the check-in, the charterer needs to take care of the provision that they will take onboard with them for their sailing holiday.
  • Other extras: in all charters there is a list of extras from which you can chose so that you can upgrade your sailing holiday and they are all payable upon your check-in. A few examples are water toys, wi-fi on board, transfer from the airport and back, early check-in etc In the case of crewed charters, many of these extras are included in the charter cost.
What are the sailing requirements in order for me to charter a sailing yacht in Greece?

Skipper is REQUIRED to have one (1) of the following:

  • ICC (International Certificate of Competence), International – Prerequisites: RYA “Day Skipper Course” or similar/equivalent certification from any recognized sailing association or complete the ICC Assessment form to prove competence from previous.
  • IPC (International Proficiency Certificate), America – Prerequisites: ASA 104 or US Sailing “Bareboat Cruising Course”.



  • UK – RYA Day Skipper practical (with our without photo).
  • USA – US Sailing “Bareboat Cruising Course” , ASA “104 Bareboat Cruising Course” or above.
  • Germany – “Sportbootführerschein See“ or above.
  • Belgium – Algemeen Stuurbrevet/ Brevet de conduite général.
  • Or a similar/equivalent certification from any recognized sailing association.